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Xeriscaping: A Sustainable Landscape

A trend that is gaining traction in the landscaping world is xeriscaping. This type of sustainable landscape is a new way people are conserving fresh water while also maintaining a beautiful oasis that you can enjoy. Water-conserving, drought tolerant, or smart scaping landscapes all fall under the xeriscaping umbrella. This is a great option for areas that are low on freshwater reserves to sustain a healthy environment around your home. There are 7 principles to be followed to make sure you’re achieving your desired outcome.Xeriscape

  1. Alterra Design can create a mock design of what you want your landscape to be with the specifics that can and cannot be changed. We start out by making sure to document where the water lines, the existing plants and trees, driveways, and structures are located. Then, we can fill in the existing areas with plants and other features.
  2. Based on the plants decided in the first step, we know which type of soil should be used and where. Deciding on the right type of soil will help your plants get the amount of water they need, when they need it, resulting in less water usage.
  3. The next step is deciding how the plants will get the water. In areas with more plants, trees, and shrubs, we are going to use a different system than if the area was turf and grass. When we supply the amount of water based on the type of plants, we limit the amount of water that needs to be used.
  4. Appropriately zoning the plants being used is important because different plants have different needs. Some need more sunlight, some need more water, so zoning the plants you decide to put in your yard minimizes water waste and maintains your beautiful outdoors area.
  5. Mulch is beneficial in a xeriscape is great for irrigation and plant health. Adding mulch to a yard prevents weeds and evaporation and helps keep your plants cool in warmer climates.
  6. Limiting turf areas limits the amount of water needed for your landscape. When it is used, warmer-season grasses are best because they use less water in hotter climates and they will stay dormant during the cooler months.
  7. Even though this landscape is sustainable, it still requires some maintenance. Turf areas should not be cut too short, aeration should be done twice a year, and plants need their own maintenance. Alterra can provide you the design you want and the maintenance you need to keep your sustainable landscape beautiful.

We’re excited to start designing and finding new ways to create the outdoor space you want. Alterra Design provides quality landscapes in the Dallas, Richardson, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Allen, and Prosper areas. Contact Us today to get a consultation.

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