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Are You Ready For A Freeze?

With freezing weather upon us, Alterra Landscape Design wants you to know that there are a few things to consider when it comes to preserving the hard work put into your landscape and protecting it from winter’s harsh temperatures.  A healthy landscape that has been watered appropriately and has a well-developed root system in its plants and grasses has a better chance at surviving than newer landscape or those with more exposure like your favorite potted plants.  Potted plants are among the highest number of casualties during a winter freeze. While some smaller potted plants can be moved to a protective area or inside, in-ground plants cannot.   Therefore, good preparation is key to survive the cold weather. If you can’t decide on which plants need to be put inside just remember that the warmer the weather they need in order to flourish, the less chance  they have to survive the freezing cold. 


One of the biggest big misconceptions people have about how to prepare their landscape for freezing weather is to water the plants before the freeze hits.  This is actually not as protective as people think.  It may keep the plants a few degrees warmer, so it could be considered when the temps are right at freezing, but with deeper freezes you should instead, use bed sheets, blankets, newspaper, and other helpful items that protect your plants. Using fabric coverings allows moisture to escape and keeps the cold air from coming in direct contact with the plant. There are also commercial coverings designed to do the same thing and might be worth the investment.  When the freezing temps start to rise again remember to remove all coverings from your landscape in order for the plants to get proper oxygen and sun again. 

Mowing is another thing to address for your landscape as winter approaches. You can continue mowing throughout the winter as needed if you’re in a milder climate zone. If in a harsher climate (more freezing) cutting one last time before those cold temps hit is best.  Alterra suggests that you mow it based on the conditions of the climate in your area. 

Another aspect of your landscape that may be affected by freezing temperatures is your water features.  If a hard freeze is imminent you will need to drain your water fountains to avoid disaster.  Hard freezes expand the water which can crack your beautiful fountains and create quite an expense.  Keep and eye out for trouble with any irrigation as well.  

Overall, we want your landscape to thrive and survive!  With a little extra care, your landscape can make it through the winter. Using these tips can help you avoid damage to your landscape. No matter the season Alterra is here to help. Contact Alterra today to get started. We operate in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Prosper, and Garland areas.

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