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Fall Flowers

Alterra, the best landscape design company in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, McKinney and Prosper thinks it’s important for you to know which flowers during the fall will be the most effective to plant. We would be glad to help you make the right decision to make your outdoor living space look the best. If you want to truly have the best landscape and outdoor living space you need to know which flowers to get and how to keep them in great condition. Chrysanthemums, Texas Aster, Pansies, Snap dragons, and Violas are great during the fall to have in your landscape. Watering the flowers well and feeding them good fertilizer like Osmocote or Miracle-Gro will help them grow properly and turn out to make your landscaping look the best. Some plants will often flop over and in order to keep this from happening they need support. You can either stake them early or surround them with shorter plants. If you have anymore questions, Alterra, the best landscaping company in North Texas would be glad to help. 

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