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Summer Turf Care

Alterra, one of the best landscape design companies around Dallas, Texas would like to help inform you on what the best summer turf care is in order to keep your landscape looking its best.  In the hot weather it is important to  water your grass frequently. Bermuda and Saint Augustine are the most common types of turf in North Texas.  When caring for St. Augustine grass, it needs to be given the appropriate amount of water for the ground to keep moist, stay healthy, and keep your grass growing.  Watering at least twice a week will help the plants and turf survive in the brutal Texas heat and dry air.  When considering turf with clay soil, it requires observation; watering the grass until you see some runoff and then stop. Alterra landscape contractor in Dallas, Texas knows that too much water can damage your landscape, but too little can also lead to an unhealthy lawn.   If your landscape consists of Bermuda grass the height of the grass and how you trim it is very important.  You need to use a sharp blade and avoid bagging unless you’re scalping.  Your Bermuda grass should be cut around 2 inches tall so that it can stay healthy and look its best for your landscape, unlike Saint Augustine that should be cut at 3 – 3.5 inches.  Fertilize your lawn every four to six weeks during the growing season.  It is best to apply the fertilizer in the morning before the hot afternoon heat to reduce the risk of burning the grass with nitrogen.  Water 4 times daily while fertilizing to keep the turf moist.  If you have any more questions about how to care for your landscape call or email Alterra Landscape Design! Alterra is the most trusted landscape design firm in Dallas, Texas. 

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