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Is Your Sprinkler Smart?

Alterra Landscape Design is a full-service landscape and outdoor living design firm that wants your yard to thrive. When trying to keep your yard space healthy and looking its best, smart sprinkler systems are a convenient and effective way to do so. Smart sprinkler controllers operate on a programmed timed schedule and are able to monitor weather, soil conditions, and evaporation. These systems are then able to automatically adjust the watering schedule as needed. Smart sprinkler systems also allow you to control and keep track of your yard’s needs from an app on your phone. 

There are two basic types of smart irrigation controllers:  weather‐based and soil‐moisture based.  Weather-based controllers use local weather data to adjust irrigation schedules. Evapotranspiration is the combination of evaporation from the soil surface and transpiration by plant materials. Soil moisture sensor-based controllers use one of several established technologies to measure soil moisture content. When buried in the root zone, the sensors determine the moisture level in the soil, which is a direct result of evapotranspiration, and transport this reading to the controller. 

When looking for the most reliable sprinkler systems Orbit B-hyve, Netro Smart, and Blossom Wi-Fi Smart Water Controller are some of the best rated. You can find these new app friendly sprinkler controllers at your neighborhood Home Depot, ACE Hardware, Walmart, and Lowe’s, or you can find them on Amazon. On average, homeowners are spending just under $300 for their smart controller. Rebates for these systems can be significant. Smart Sprinkler controllers overall save a lot of money by reducing water waste, being able to cycle and soak your irrigation in the perfect increments of time, so water is absorbed and doesn’t run off. 

The Alterra team is glad to help with your wants and needs in Dallas, Richardson, Frisco, Allen, and Prosper. We can help meet your goal of having your landscape survive and thrive in the North Texas summer heat and all year round.

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