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Fire Pits in Your Landscape

Fire has a unique ability to captivate us and create an inviting ambiance. Having a fire pit sparks conversation, storytelling, relaxation, and warmth. Alterra Landscape Design can make your fire pit not only functional, but also elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor area. It can be hard deciding on the right fire pit for your home, but Alterra Landscape Design is here to help! There are different types of fire pits that can satisfy an individual’s landscaping design. 

Wood burning fire pits are the most commonly used in landscaping design and have a traditional appeal. These types of fire pits offer the authentic crackling sound and aromatic scent of burning wood. They create a rustic atmosphere and allow easy customization by adding your choice of wood such as pinion with its beautiful aroma. 

Gas fire pits use natural gas.  This type of fire pit is great for those seeking convenience and ease of use for their landscape. It provides instant flames at the flick of a switch. They require minimal maintenance and offer precise control over the flame size and intensity. 

Propane fire pits are fire pits that use propane gas. They are similar to gas fire pits, but they are portable and don’t require a natural gas connection. They are easy to set up and offer flexibility in terms of placement within your landscape.

While all of these fire pit options are a great addition to your landscape, Alterra Landscape Design wants to help you keep in mind safety when working around fire or gas.  Whether you have kids or pets, Alterra can help create a design that  makes it safe for everyone to enjoy! We strive to make it best fit for your landscape and overall home-life. 

If you’re looking to add aesthetics to your landscape or warmth during the winter months, Let Alterra Landscape Design help you find the best fit and design for your family. If you’re in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and surrounding North Texas areas looking for a great new fire pit, call today! 

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