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Gotta Pull Some Weeds!

Yep, we got some great news for you. You can have a beautiful, native Texas landscape if you’ll pull a few weeds when needed. Yes, the use of Round-up, as explained in previous posts is essential and is going to kill most of your weeds. But it will not get them all, especially the ones growing close to your shrubs and flowers. Remember, Round-up only enters a plant through the leafs and so you cannot spray it on weeds that are too close to plants you want to keep. So, to maintain a beautiful outdoor living space you must get down and dirty once in a while and pull those weeds out by the roots (or have your yard crew do it)!

The best time to pull weeds is when the soil is damp – after a rain or scheduled watering. Dry soil will prevent the roots from being extracted when the weeds are pulled. Pulling while the soil is damp using a gentle tugging motion will usually bring out the roots and keep regrowth to a minimum. Remember Alterra is the best landscape design firm serving Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Prosper TX.

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