Alterra, the best landscape design company in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, McKinney and Prosper knows the importance of the proper use of herbicides to control weeds in turf grass.

As spring and summer approaches it’s important to understand the difference in pre and post emergent herbicides.

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Pre-Emergent Herbicides

– Used early in the spring, before plants really begin to grow and the weather

– Creates a protective barrier seal around seeds, which prevents the seed from germinating and growing.

– Best applied when the temperature is lower than 60 degrees and the soil is just beginning to warm.

– Apply the herbicide to the soil either by spraying it in liquid form or by spreading it in granular form.

– Water activates the granules.

– Pre-emergent herbicides are only effective on weeds, like crabgrass, that annually sprout from new seeds.

– Do not effectively treat perennial plants like established quack grass because they have a deep root system and simply reemerge every year as the weather warms.

Post-Emergent Herbicides

– Used once weeds have started to grow.

– Works by traveling down the plant stalk and into the root system.

– Best to apply the spray after the base of the plant has been cut or torn away because the plant structure will be open and the herbicide will go directly into the plant system.

– Apply several times throughout the growing season. Often, a thorough final application during late fall will help prevent new weeds from growing in the spring and prevent weeds from spreading seeds.

– Understand the difference between specific and non-specific herbicides. Specific herbicides are most commonly used for lawn care and other weed elimination efforts by homeowners. They specifically target weeds and do not usually harm other surrounding or adjacent plants.

– Non-specific herbicides, on the other hand, will kill all plants it comes into contact with. It is most commonly used by landscapers or developers who are clearing a lot or area for a new building or for landscaping purposes.

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Yep, we got some great news for you. You can have a beautiful, native Texas landscape if you’ll pull a few weeds when needed. Yes, the use of Round-up, as explained in previous posts is essential and is going to kill most of your weeds. But it will not get them all, especially the ones growing close to your shrubs and flowers. Remember, Round-up only enters a plant through the leafs and so you cannot spray it on weeds that are too close to plants you want to keep. So, to maintain a beautiful outdoor living space you must get down and dirty once in a while and pull those weeds out by the roots (or have your yard crew do it)!

The best time to pull weeds is when the soil is damp – after a rain or scheduled watering. Dry soil will prevent the roots from being extracted when the weeds are pulled. Pulling while the soil is damp using a gentle tugging motion will usually bring out the roots and keep regrowth to a minimum. Remember Alterra is the best landscape design firm serving Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Prosper TX.

I’m sure we all remember being kids and seeing dandelions and being enthralled by their “beauty” and how much joy they can bring when you make a wish and blowing those white seeds all over the place. I would always imagine that they were traveling to far away lands that I myself, might get to see.

That’s all good and fun, but as an adult, I find myself being a little more bothered by them, as they have decided to wreak havoc in my flower beds, along with many other types of weeds. I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself “Can I really have a weed-free yard, or is that just the stuff of my wildest dreams?” Actually, you can. Being the best landscape company in not only Richardson, but the surrounding areas, Alterra wants to help you achieve this goal.

First of all, you need to identify what kinds of weeds you have. Unfortunately, one method does not work for all the different weeds that could be plaguing you. It is imperative that you figure out whether your pesky little friends are annuals or perennials. If they are annuals, you fortunately have an easier battle ahead of you, as perennials live for years and spread underground. Annuals have one life cycle during the season and then they typically die, so it is easier to get rid of these guys.

Alterra, the best landscape company in DFW, wants to share a few general tips to avoid the growth of these little buggers as well as a couple tips to eradicate them once they have invaded your glorious turf.

First things first, it seems to be a common misconception that you cannot fertilize ENOUGH. That’s actually false. If you want us to help you succeed in this dream of an immaculate lawn, you must learn to fertilize just enough. Too much fertilization will actually cause more weed growth.

Secondly, PLEASE do not overwater!! We here at Alterra have been there, done that, and it never ends up well. Not only is this bad for the surrounding environment, it will create the perfect environment for thriving weeds to live their best days in your lawn.

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, “Well crap, I already have weeds, so what do I do now?” Have no fear fellow lawn lovers, Alterra is here to save the day! That’s what makes us the best landscape company in DFW of course!!

What you basically need to know, is the difference between post and pre emergence herbicides. It’s kind of self explanatory just by looking at the name. Simply speaking, Post emergence herbicide is one that kills weeds that have already sprung out of the ground. It’s an “active weed killer” meaning that it just kills weeds that are actively growing. Now, onto pre-emergence herbicide. This is an herbicide that kills weeds that are still in the ground. These pre-emergence herbicides tend to have a more potent formula. If you are looking for something more natural, chances are, it will work, but you will need to apply more than once to get the desired effect. Post emergence weed killers come in two forms. One form, kills the part of the weed that you spray the herbicide on. This is the contact-killer. This might seem great, but the second type of herbicide is actually more effective. This is called the systemic herbicide and it kills the plant from the inside out. Essentially circulating through the whole weed and knocking its light out!!

Now that’s what we’re talkin’ about here at Alterra! We prefer to eradicate these pesky weeds once and for all. Thanks so much for taking the time to read. We hope this was helpful in your never-ending battle.

Please stay tuned for more on lawn and hardscape maintenance from your favorite landscape company, Alterra!

We love our clients. Stay cool and safe this summer!

Remember Alterra is the best landscape design firm serving Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Prosper TX.

Weeds are defined as any plant growing where it’s not wanted. In the battle to save your beautiful landscape from weeds you have two main weapons. The first is selectively pulling or tilling/turning them under, which requires lots of time and effort.

The second, and most desirable, is the use of Round-up which is a miracle product that has never been proven to hurt a flea but is a WMD when it comes to killing WEEDS!

To help you even more in the fight to save your beautiful landscape, the makers of Round-up have added a great little device called a micro-wand. Like a magic wand just place the tip just above the unwanted vegetation, spray a small amount on the leaves and in few days your little weed monsters are DOA!

North Texas Gardens are under constant attack from unwanted WEEDS. Uugghhh!…. WEEDS can overtake your flower beds, potted plants and beautiful yard in no time if you are not prepared to wage all-out war on them! No matter which time of year, there are plenty of new WEEDS popping up so we’re going to tell you how to ensure their untimely death in short order!

Remember Alterra is the best landscape design firm serving Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Prosper TX.