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Enhance Your Home with Landscaping

Landscaping is the most common area viewed by people passing on the street but can be overlooked when renovating your home. Your landscaping is the first feature people see when arriving to your home. There are many features Alterra can add to your design to benefit your lifestyle, and here are just a few…

Built-In Features

Adding built-in seating or cooking areas makes your outdoor space even more inviting. These features pull people to the outdoors so they can enjoy the weather and also continue their daily lives. Alterra can explore which designs fit your lifestyle and incorporate them into your landscape design.

Value increase

It’s no secret that people make first impressions within seconds. Landscaping makes your home look more aesthetically pleasing and valuable to the eye. Make sure whether someone is looking to buy your home or is just walking by that you make a good first impression through your landscaping. Alterra can increase your curb appeal and value with a landscape face lift whenever you’re ready.

Intentional Design

A home’s space does not stop at the four walls, it stops at the property line. Don’t limit your space to the indoors. Between these lines you can incorporate any landscaping your heart desires to complete your space. Landscaping done by Alterra will be thought out and intentional to give you the design you want.

Irrigation Control

Living in Texas brings unexpected weather from time to time. Make sure your landscaping is saved by incorporating an irrigation system with weather sensors. By adding this to your landscaping design, you won’t have to worry about flooding or drying out your outdoor space. Alterra can explore your options with you and find the best fit for your needs.

Alterra Design is a leading landscape design company in the Dallas area. We are eager to set up a meeting to see if we’re the right fit for your landscaping needs. Contact Alterra today to get started. We operate in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Mckinney, Richardson, Prosper, and Garland areas.

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