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Pet Friendly Landscapes

Alterra Landscape Design wants your yard to look its best, but also be an area where pets are safe and happy. When it comes to your landscape and trying to make it as pet friendly as possible there are some easy, affordable, and desirable landscape options. 


Landscape designs that include water features can help your pets stay cool and hydrated.  Dogs perspire through their feet. Providing water they can easily step into will keep their feet cool and help them cope with the hot days of summer especially in the North Texas area!  Some options include rain water systems, shallow ponds, fountains, feature pools, and splash pads.  This will not only ensure cool feet, but extra water to drink if their bowls should run dry.  The design possibilities around water features are endless and with Alterra’s help we can come up with something the humans like as well.


 Another feature in your landscape design to consider is the turf upon which your pet will play, rest, and use the “bathroom.”  Options to consider are natural grass, synthetic turf, gravel, and or a combination of all three.  One of the best natural turfs is Bermuda grass. It provides a great playing field for furry friends and is anchored deep into the ground with strong, sturdy roots that are perfect for rough play and standing up to wear and tear.  If you’re not wanting natural grass, synthetic turf is another great option for your landscape. It requires little maintenance and has drainage systems built in.  One more option is crushed granite.  It is very low maintenance and makes picking up pet messes easy.  Just make sure it is “crushed” granite.  If the pieces of rock or granite are too large it can hurt your furry friend’s paws.


 Shelter is another thing to consider for keeping your pet safe and healthy.  Alterra has landscaped many yards that include pergolas and other types of shelters that keep the outdoor space cool, shaded, and more enjoyable. Although pergolas are typically made for family and friends to hangout, it can also provide shade and cooling for your pets. 

We’re excited to start designing and finding new ways to create the outdoor landscape space you want for you and your furry friends. Alterra Design provides quality landscapes in the Dallas, Richardson, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Allen, and Prosper areas. Contact Us today to get a consultation.

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