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Snakes In Your Garden!

Snakes can be scary, but Alterra landscape Design wants you to learn that snakes in your yard and garden are not all harmful. It is important to identify if the snake species is venomous and therefore harmful. Snakes with a thick body, narrow neck, and triangular head are harmful to you and are not beneficial to your landscape or garden. Non-venomous snakes on the other hand can be beneficial.  These snakes tend to have heads that are narrow or oval and barely bigger than their necks. One such beneficial snake is the Garter snake.  They help by eating grasshoppers, slugs, grubs, and other insects that can harm your garden and landscape.  Snakes typically won’t bite or chase you unless it feels that your intentions are to harm them (typically by cornering them).  Another beneficial snake is the Gopher snake. They feed on small rodents that can damage crops, plants, and trees. The Gopher snake has a yellow base color with dark spots (can appear to look like a rattlesnake).  The King snake is another example and is considered one of the strongest of all the snakes in relation to its body size. They are not venomous and will help get rid of other harmful venomous snakes. King snakes look very similar to coral snakes, having red, yellow, and black stripes, but a narrow head (not triangular).  Another way to identify snakes before you can visibly see them is to pay attention to odors.  If you smell a scent as if something is rotting in your yard it is most likely the scent of a snake under stress. They release an odor that makes them less appealing to their predators. As society tries to improve upon and maintain landscapes and gardens, often snakes are being pushed out of their dens to roam to seek new habitats.  Next time you see a snake in your Alterra landscape or garden be mindful and only take action if necessary. We’re excited to start designing and finding new ways to create the outdoor spaces you desire. Alterra Design provides quality landscapes in the Dallas, Richardson, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Allen, and Prosper areas. Contact Us today to get a consultation.

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