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Well, we’re back again to talk about one of our favorite aspects of design when it comes to planning a new project: planters and pots. Whether you’re like us and love all different kinds, or you like to stick with the typical pottery, there are certain aspects of plant care that we could all benefit from. One of these, is simply choosing the correct type of home for your beloved plants.

What we wanted to touch on today was succulents. You know them, you love them. We know. In the past few years, these little guys have become extremely popular! And, for good reason. They bring an awesome design element into any type of project or space. I remember when I went shopping for my first succulents… I wanted something to brighten up my space, but I really didn’t know where to start.

Jeffery, being the owner of Alterra, one of the best landscaping companies in DFW, took me to the Nursery and helped me pick the exact type that I wanted. I personally thought that all I had to do was pick the plants I was most drawn to and a cool pot and that would be it. But, there’s a lot more to it than that. It really does matter what you house these little guys in.

The most important part of choosing a good planter for your succulents is whether it has drainage or not. Alterra, the best landscaping company in DFW, knows the reason this is so important is because some of us tend to over-water our plant friends. This takes that element out of the equation… I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING! WHY HAVEN’T I KNOWN ABOUT THIS FOR YEARS?! Yeah, well I was thinking the same thing. Thankfully I work with the best landscape company in North Texas and they got me all set up. Shockingly, they have tons of pots with drainage holes now and this gives you a lot of style options to choose from. Obviously, this is the more traditional route to go with, but there are many different styles and materials of planers to choose from.

One of our personal favorites, and less traditional methods is to use some old driftwood to make a planter. This gives such a cool, natural look to any space. It truly looks as if the succulents are naturally growing off the side of the wood.

If this seems too complicated for you, that’s okay. Because, not only are there tons of options, but Alterra happens to be one of the best landscape design companies in North Texas, and we love to add these little design elements into our projects, so don’t hesitate to ask! Alterra serves Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Prosper Texas.

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