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Drain That Thang!

We weren’t sure if you guys were fully aware of this, but we think it is especially important to know how to do if you truly want your potted plants to thrive successfully in their habitats.

We here at Alterra serve Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Prosper Texas and what we wanted to touch on today was the importance of drainage holes in your planters. One issue that is really prominent that we have personally seen dozens of times, is that these built in drainage holes are getting clogged up and the excess water cannot properly drain out. When this happens, the excess water saturates the soil and eliminates those air pockets that your plants desperately need to survive and thrive.

Your plants are going to be immensely happier and thrive so much better if you can increase the drainage of the soil itself. Be sure and choose quality soil that you KNOW drains well. If you have any questions about this, Alterra, the best landscape company in North Texas, is always happy to help and guide you to the right soil to use. If you feel that your plants still need more drainage, one way to fix this, is to put gravel down inside of your planters on top of where the drainage holes are. Layering this gravel with your high quality soil is probably the best way to ensure that this process is successful.

As previously stated, we are always happy to help and teach our customers the Alterra way. Remember – Alterra is the best landscape design firm in North Texas!

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